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Terms and Conditions
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It is my aim (internet willing) to acknowledge every order and enquiry on the same day - or on the following day if the order comes in late afternoon / evening / Sunday.

Since I am only human, my intention above will sometimes slip!

Please bear with me if I am in my workshop and not by my telephone or computer when you try to contact me.

Orders will be dealt with promptly, and I will send you an email to confirm that your order is with me and is receiving attention.

The cost of getting your item to me will fall with you. Should your item be quite large or bulky I can advise on arranging a door to door courier.

Post, Packing and Payment

Payment is only accepted in GBP, by cash or by cheque. I will also accept PayPal.

Small items will be sent back using Royal Mail, whereas larger items will be sent out by courier.

It would be kind of you to confirm safe arrival by email.


When sending items by Royal Mail or Courier I can arrange for the parcel to be tracked and signed for. I can also arrange insurance, though we would need to discuss what level you wish to pay for as we all know that it is the time and love that makes a quilt, not the fabrics. However sometime problems occur and should this happen we can work out a course of action between us to try and resolve matters.

Returns Policy

Please only order something that you are sure that you want!

That may sound simple, but it will save both of us a lot of grief.

I will try to make clear all instructions that we have agreed on before starting work on your project. Problems might arise with colour matching between your screen and real life. Please take note of those limitations when you buy from me.

If something has gone wrong, and you are not happy with some aspect of my work, we need to talk!

Resolution might involve sending the item back to me so that I can address your concerns; It might be that we can find another way to resolve the perceived problem.

Let us keep talking until a resolution is found.

Once again, it is worth repeating:

Please only order something that you are sure that you want!

The Legal Bit

I live and trade in the UK. I aim to meet my legal obligations according to UK law. If anyone wants to buy from me from another country I will not accept any obligations that you think I should because of laws that are local to you, but are not UK law.

All of the writing on this page is intended to be in clear, straight-forward English that both of us can understand. If you do not understand my 'terms and conditions', or do not want to accept my 'terms and conditions', please make life simple for both of us and make your purchases elsewhere.

If it all goes wrong I will refer you to this page.

If we are still at odds and cannot reach a friendly settlement then it is up to you to make a case that will stand up in a UK court to prove that I have been unfair or unreasonable. You will also have to prove that my 'terms and conditions' do not meet the requirements of UK law, because if you buy from me you must have already accepted my 'terms and conditions'.

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